Dotting the Blemish

Dotting the Blemish

I was standing in front of the dark wooden door. It was heavy – the silence in the room and the nervous glances from the women were making the door swollen and sullen. We were in the long hallway connecting the dining area and the drawing room. A few chairs were strewn around. The women were sitting on them and on the floor, occasionally throwing a glance at the door. They were anticipating an explosion of wails or at the least muffled cries coming from behind the door, but there was no noise, just stillness. Outside, the heat was smouldering, the dry desert winds were blowing. Somewhere far off, I could hear the call of a plum-headed parakeet.

If you are interested or curious to know the rest of the story……..

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Sunitha Lal is a Human Resources professional and organizational culture expert, based out of Bangalore. She has over 25 years of experience spanning diverse industries and geographies. Because of her keen interest in understanding human behavior, she views organizational dynamics through the lens of behavioral science, psychology, and anthropology.  


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